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Image by Daiga Ellaby

Sensory Garden

Dogs love to sniff out new and intrging smells. We are hoping to have some of these safe and edible plants below in our enclosures this summer which have benifical properties depending on your dogs needs.

Chamomile- good for anxiety or skin/ stomach upsets. 

Thyme - can help with bacterial infections. skin irritation and diahorrea.

Meadow Sweet- digestive problems, arthritis or rhumatic conditions.


St Johns Wort- calming, pain relief, disinfects wounds & helps with dry oily skin.


Mint- good for cooling properties or skin irritations.

Yarrow- inflamation, urinary problems or internal or external wounds

Marigolds- grief or emotional distress

Mimulus - help nervous, timid or shy dogs.

Catnip- relaxing properties & stimulates playfulness in dogs.

Valerian- good for anxious dogs, calming.

Lavender- helps to reduce anxiety and other nervous conditions.

Hops- calming, selected by hyper or stressed dogs.

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