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Sunset in the Woods


to WaggTail Woods let your dogs run wild!

If you need to get in touch please contact us on 



We are a local family run business that loves our pooches and to see them off the lead having fun.

We have created two securely enclosed areas, just outside Inverness in the countryside so you get to feel like you're out for a wild walk but have the confidence the area is secure and you and your dogs are safe.

We have one clear field, called Mac's Meadow that has a slight incline, but allows you can keep an eye on the pack the whole time. The other area is a wooded space, called Tanya's Trail. This has a mixture of dense trees and a more open area, with a small water course and pond and lots of places for the pup to explore and sniff. To find out more what each space offers check out the enclosures page.


WaggTail Woods is located just North of Inverness, past Ord Hill car park, a quiet and peaceful location to privately book and spend time with your dogs exercising or training them without the worry of meeting others or have them running off for a few hours!


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